Clean, Affordable Energy for Your Home! Indoors and Outdoors!

Cozy moments by the glowing fire. Family and friends laughing around a backyard barbecue or enjoying a Propane-heated pool. A hot bubble bath. The smell of something wonderful simmering on the stove. The splashing of water as you and your family relax by the pool on a summer afternoon. An inviting path to your door that lets guests know they are always welcome. A warmth to every room.

More than ever, people are discovering the many ways propane can improve and enhance the places they call home. From the kitchen to the basement to the backyard, propane is a trusted and reliable energy source that is used year round by more than 60 million Americans. And each day, more and more people choose Weaver Propane for their home as word spreads about the advantages of propane in the home, and our unmatched customer service.

Simply put, propane is an affordable, efficient, safe, clean, and reliable energy source that offers you peace of mind and personal satisfaction.  And at Weaver Propane, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we’ve been supplying propane to upstate New York families just like yours for over 70 years and three generations.

What Makes Propane So Exceptional?

Propane is one of the nation’s most versatile sources of energy and supplies 3 to 4 percent of our total energy needs. Nearly 11 billion gallons of propane are consumed annually in the U.S. by more than 60 million Americans who use propane every day in their homes, on farms, for vehicles, and even for recreation.

People trust and rely on Weaver Propane for heating and cooling their homes, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, barbecuing, lighting, fueling their gas fireplaces, and powering their electrical standby generators.