Guaranteed Price Plan -1

Our Guaranteed Price Plan allows you to order all of your winter propane at one time, during the summer when propane prices are typically lower than in winter.

This is our traditional Guaranteed Price Plan — so you can order a full winter’s supply at once, guaranteed price and we will deliver it as you need it.  The minimum order is 500 gallons, and you pay for your propane when you purchase it.  You must purchase by July 20.

Guaranteed Price Plan -2

A new spin on a very popular plan, this variation allows you to pay for only 50% of your total propane purchase up front.  So you can still purchase a winter’s supply at summer prices, but you only pay for half.  The remaining 50% will be billed on delivery.  So each time we deliver your pre-purchased gallons, we’ll bill you 50% of the delivery total.  Minimum purchase amount is 500 gallons.  Participants must enroll in Pre-Authorized Payment Plan.

Security Plan

Your family can rest easy with the Security Plan, which provides a price cap for the year.  So when you enroll in this plan, you know that your propane can never exceed a certain price per gallon, no matter what happens to fuel prices.  And if market prices are lower than your cap, you’ll always pay the lower price.

An enrollment fee applies.  The fee is based on your usage for the past year.  Customers who choose this plan must also enroll in Pre-Authorized Payments.